GPS Monitor is a web interface that is based on Traccar server, which means that GPS Monitors can`t work independently, but instead need to be connected with traccar server locally or globally.

You can find instructions how to install and setup Traccar server on the web site traccar.org.

To make GPS Monitor work you need to set Traccar server to use MySQL database. [ link ]

In case that Traccar and Joomla use different servers, you need to provide remote access to MySQL server in which Traccar writes data [ link ]

If the firewall is enabled, you need to add an exception in the firewall for MySQL server. Also if on the router port(3306) is not open, you should open it.

By default, MySQL database server remote access disabled for security reasons.

There is no way to automate all of this to work, but you do not need expert knowledge to make it happen.

To show you how this application works, I have created video which shows you, step by step, all possibilities of application. Things that I can`t explain in the video I'll explain further in the text below.

After installing GPS Monitor, on the admin page open Components/GPS Monitor, then choose tab Settings / Traccar server and fill in the details.

Under the host you need to enter the IP address of the server, but also you can use the domain name, but without „http: //“.

Data about password will never show up, so if you change data you need to provide a password each time.

Press the TEST button and if everything is good, you should get a popup message which shows you how many devices are in the database. Otherwise the message will be generated by MySql server.

All users created in Joomla can be added to the GPS Monitor user list, in case that they have not previously been blocked.

If on the LOGIN page you want to have possibility of applying guest user, or user that does not need password, you need to create a user named gpsmonitor in Joomla, and later add it to the user list of GPS Monitor.

All settings that apply to other users are also valid for guest users.

Login the application is local, which means that the verifying of the data goes through the Joomla service, but the user does not need to be signed in the Joomla.

I did not leave the possibility to set up time duration of the session, so as long as application is open the user is logged on.

In terms of administration in real time, it is possible to block devices, and change the data of devices, but it is not possible to manipulate with the users. In the next version it will be possible.

Data about devices are updated every 10 reading positions. If your time for refreshing of the GPS data is set to 5s, devices will be updated within 50s.

In the next version it will be enabled through the admin page.

Application works best in Google Chrome browser. Other platforms are also supported, but with possible problems with history viewing.

Each period of time it is max 1000 markers per period and there is a maximum of 16 periods, so when you load for an example 1000 markers, Firefox and IE10 become almost unusable, it takes too much time to show markers and when you try to zoom in or zoom out it is torture.

Tested on Intel i5 4670 cpu with 8 GB of RAM. The only solution is to load shorter time intervals.

On the monitor page, everything is clear, more or less.

In the separate window it is possible to trace up to 4 devices. If the device does not answer in the next 6 hours in the list of devices cell with time will be colored in red.

I plan in the next release to add alarm for excessing the speed, geofence and some more trinkets. If you have some ideas about how to improve application write to me.

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